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Professional Dry Cleaning Services

Top Drawer Laundry offers high quality dry cleaning services as well as dress shirt laundry services. We will pick up your dry cleaning at the same time as your wash and fold.

dry cleaning suitTop Drawer Laundry has dry cleaning pick up and delivery Monday through Friday. We do dry cleaning pickup in Dallas Texas and surrounding cities.

Our dry cleaning will clean and protect the fabric. If you bring stains to our attention by attaching a note, we will do special spot removal with solvents. In addition to dry cleaning, we will offer dress shirt laundry services where we launder and press your shirts.

Schedule a pickup for our Dallas Texas and surrounding cities dry cleaners.

We chose who we use for our customers based on experience and pricing.  We use Dry Cleaners within the Dallas County area that have been in business at least 5 years or more and on certain days they provide specials for certain items. 

Ranges are as follows:  

  • Men's Laundered Shirts from $1 to $2 
  • Ladies Dress' knee length from $4 to $6
  • Ladies Dress'Full length from $6 to $9
  • Ladies Suit Jacket $3 to $6
  • Ladies Skirt knee length from $3 to $5
  • Ladies and Men's Dress Slacks from $3 to $5
  • Jeans $2 to $4