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Commercial Laundry

Complete Commercial Laundry Services

Top Drawer offers Dallas businesses commercial laundry. We have industrial-size washing machines. Our professional laundry service has experienced launderers and uses the very best products. We will provide pick up and delivery service for all your commercial laundry services. Every item will be handled with care.

commercial laundryOur commercial laundry services handle almost all of Dallas and several Suburban areas. We use separate and dedicated washes and dryers and will deliver the clothing back to you in 24 or 48 hours. We use natural cleaning solutions. And we will always have your clothing back when promised. We use trusted and experienced local dry cleaners, seamstress or tailors if they are needed for your alteration needs.

As a commercial enterprise in Dallas-Fort Worth, there are several reasons you may need commercial laundry services. We know that you have a reputation in this region and would not settle for anything less than the best to ensure that your clients feel that way. Whether it is a hotel, spa, nonprofit, hospital, Air B*B, or commercial linen services, Top Drawer Laundry ensures that you will get the best commercial laundry service with the lowest prices.

If you need a bid for commercial laundry services in Dallas, call at (469) 872-1172 leave a message or email at

We pick up and deliver your Dallas commercial laundry with a smile!